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No idea

No you’re not getting screwed, no I have not the slightest intentions of hurting you but having these conversations just makes me realize more and more howmuch we trust eachother, how much we actually want eachother in mutiple ways… And I just don’t have an answer for you, I don’t know what to do, I just feel like lying with you and comforting you and just talking it all trough, face to face, your body next to mine, no idea and sorrows of time and just wait what the future will bring us… I just want you to be my safe spot, my dearest haven…




Ik hap naar lucht

Een stikkend gevoel

Jij bent mijn lucht

Jij bent mijn alles

Ik moet opnieuw leren ademen

Zonder jou

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And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it.

I’m just lying here in my bed, I’m just thinking about the things we’ve said, for the last couple of days we’ve grown so fond, fond of all the things and I’m just waiting to hold, you, maybe you are not mine, but reading that you’re dying to come home, is making my smile, fade, fade away it’s making me want to hold you close and just hold you trough the night helping you with your struggles and with your fight. Just know eventhough we are seperated now, I’ll always be there ,in your thoughts, in your mind, I’ll never break your heart eventhough you are not mine. I’ll love you all the time, as your friend as your brother, as long as we can be there for eachother, I’ll be your dearest haven now and that my little one, I’ll vow.


Today she felt so far away, eventhough she is not…. Then I realised I’m with her no mather where we are