My writing to the world

This is my story, my world, my dreams and nightmares

Just want to tell that I love her, she’s my beautiful sunshine, looking at her is like seeing the sun rise from the sea at a sunny day, she is everything I hoped for, wanted and need and hopefully for a long time.!! I have certainly never fallen so deeply in love with anyone before!!


Right now, I’m dying from inside, right now I’m crying for the first time. I’m so scared I scared you away, I’m just lying here don’t know what to say. We made a promise, we have made a pact, we would be there for eachother we’d have eachothers back. Now I’m lying here, crying here about you, It’s not over, this is not happening, this ain’t true. I love you I really do, you got your walls back up high. Higher then I ever seen, more and more slippy to climb. An arrow right in the heart a can of pepperspray right in the eyes, I’m losing it badly I just broke down and cried. The thought of thinking about what you’ve said makes me crazy, it makes me so sad. So please come back to me, you are strong enough, back in my arms and let me back in your heart don’t go wandering into the same mistakes again. Three words, Two meanings, One thing on my mind. It’s you, I love you, I really do. I never ever want to lose you.

Your Boy, Your man, Your love, Your lover.


No extra-ordinary

Nothing special to write, she’s constantly scared of screwing it up this time, I just want her to know I love her so, she’s got nothing to be scared about, nothing to worry about, everything is going quicker then ever before so it’s okay we argue but we don’t fight at all. And actually everything you say or do I find it cute, everything you’re scared to be or to do, everytime you even talk to me, I fall in love with you, even more then in the beginning where I did think that was not possible to be or to do. I just want my haven to know, I love you so!! Nothing extra-ordinary, nothing exceptional on my mind, I’m just so happy you’re mine!!

You, me, us, we, a safe haven, my dearest

It’s been a while since I last posted. A lot of things have passed, a lot of things happend and a lot of feelings happend, It’s official now, she’s finally mine, it’s like I have waited for her for so long, for to long.
In a short time we laughed, she cried and I hated myself because of things I said. But she, she could not hate me untill a day ago, what she said hurted so much so I just ignored her, ignored it and made the best and drank away all I felt. But it’s okay now, I still love her and she still loves me! I never thought this would happen, I envied her for so long and now I finally have her by my side, she fell asleep by my side and we kissed and said goodnight. I found things in here I missed untill now, I found a kind of love in this I have not felt untill now. I don’t dare to look into the future I just dare to hope. I love her so much and so I know. I will do my best and give it all I can. I just want her in my arms and let her know that. She’s mine, my everything my love and I hope we will be together for as long as she wants.

Three words, two meanings but only one thing on my mind

My perfect harmony

Three little words, 2 meanings, 1 thing on my mind. I dodn’t think I would say it out loud so fast, this quick. But I just did, I had to say it, it was the right thing to do :) I can’t imagine a better moment for us to fall in love then now, it happend so quick, so fast but I’m thinking about you every spare moment I have. You truly are my dearest haven, we are in perfect harmony and I just hope this will last forever, I just pray you stick with me. I screwed things up in the past before we met but right now I’m thinking it over here in my cold empty bed. You are that person, you are that one special thing, I hoped would happen and because of you now I see. That we can be together, we can be in perfect harmony, we will tear these walls down and nothing can stop you and me. No no one can hold us back it’s us already it’s we, we are not separated by mind we found love and harmony. And the moment you will read this I will be fast asleep and when you wake up you’ll see this message and I hope you realise that I belong to you and you belong to me. And for the last thing I want to say before I close my eyes and see you in my perfect dreams I pray that the next time I’ll go to sleep I can kiss you goodnight and have you right there next to me. And if I then wake up and open my eyes, I hope I will catch you dreaming with a smile. I’ve said it many times before we are meant to be so for now you my dearest haven I will tell you again. I hope you’ll stick with me till the end.

Doesn’t matter, I will stay

Of course we have our arguments, of course we’ll have our fights and right now you are testing me if I will stay by your side. Of course we’ll have our differences, and together we will laugh and cry, I know you are testing me I will stay by your side. You put up your walls as you did a few times before, but I just know, i will be able to take them down, and never let them come back, no more.

You are wondering why it all happens so fast, as well am I but we both know we will last. We will stand trough the time, fight the world on our own, but still have eachother, still have a place together we can call home. It all happend so quickly, it happend so fast, but it feels so good am I am praying we will last.

So right now I dare, to tell you again, I love you my sweetheart I will stay ‘till the end. So when you will read this I’ll be deep asleep, just dreaming of you, you lying next to me. I hope that my dreams will very soon come true ‘cause I only have to miss you for a day but it feels like a year, or two. So for now sweet dreams my love and I’ll see you very soon, in my mind I am with you and dream of you I will do.



I don’t know what to do, don’t know what to say, you’re not answering me, now I’m the one who’s afraid, I’ve said all I could, this time you have to get back yourself, break down your wall, think of the times you looked at me and teared down that wall like it was nothing, do that again, come back to me because I need you and you need me, let me be your dearest haven now, let me help you, and everyone can know that I love you sweetie